Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Danial

Today is my son's birthday. Danial is my firstborn son. I still remembered the day I gave birth to him, 6 years ago. I thought I was ready physically and mentally. Boy, I was wrong as I seriously do not know what to expect being a first timer mother and parent. But having him is the greatest give of all. I am still learning the parenting skills.

Three days ago, danial complaint his chest hurt. I took him to see a doctor and the doctor told me there is nothing wrong. The next day after I came back from work I noticed measles coming out from his body, later when we took him to the clinic doctor confirmed that he has chicken pox. Poor him.

Hes been very good despite being sick. He is a very good boy. He doesn't complaint at all. He only cries every now and then, telling me that it is hurt having the chicken pox and also when his temperature is too hot making him difficult to breath. He asked me why did he get the chicken pox and how did he get it ?

It is really sad to see your son sick and knowing the fact you can't do much about it. It breaks my heart to see him cries ( which I ended up crying with him as well) I pray that Allah will answer my prayer so that danial will get well soon.

Happy Birthday Danial. Please get well soon. We will go somewhere special once you are healthy again kay sayang. Mommy love you very much danial.