Friday, February 10, 2006

Where was I ?

It has been ages since I last update my blog. I guess you must be wondering why I have been
very quiet ? The reason is I was having some personal-problem-which-I-could not share with you guys bloggers. Anyway the good news is, I am back on my feet now and praying hard I will have an easy pregnancy and delivery so that my normal-hectic-life wouldnt be affected so much with this pregnancy.

I like to share the ups and down of my life for the past few months.

We have decided to enrol Danial for Tumble Tots weekly classes. Dah dekat 3 months Danial pegi playgroup ni and so far he really enjoys it. Mummy is happy for him too, as he is showing
positive improvements, more independent, build up confidence and getting new friends. The only thing he said to me he wants to go to different school where he can do art & craft activity.

Teringat dekat Lorna Wishton . At the moment Mummy try to make it a point to do art & craft activity every Sunday cause Sunday is our relax-quality time with family and cleaning
up weekly mess day. hee hee A few weeks back Danial requested to bake Choc Chip Cookies
Cookies. It was fun experience for him indeed although Mummy die pening betul cleaning up the aftermath mess. Danial tlg bancuh tepung, and masa nak bakar tu die yg bentukkan cookies dalam tray, I have to be very patient and creative in terms of tolerating just whatever shapes turned out to be hee hee.

I am 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant now. My pregnancy experience is totally different compared to the previous one. Masa mula-mula dulu rasa penat giler-giler betul. During that time I really dont know how am I to going through this pregnancy and to squeeze in my daily-hectic schedules. I was so stressed out, emotionally unstable and short tempered. I was having a tough time to be my usual self as wife and mummy to Danial. Alhamdullilah so far things are getting better.

Anyways, the plus point of this pregnancy is so far I dont really have bad nausea. Sebab tak
mabuk sangat kan, I eat like crazy. I think about food day and night, and every now and then
ada je cravings for this for that. Hee hee last 2 weeks my parents, sisters and I went for
lunch at Stadium Merdeka. Makan nasi kandar kari kepala ikan. Simply yummylicious hee hee :) I ingat one of these days nak ajak my hubby pegi high tea la hee hee ? Perhaps can hint for upcoming Valentines eh hee hee :)

I will write more soon. Have a good weekends everybody and to those working in Selangor enjoy your long weekends. Unfortunately I have to work today, *sob sob* KL tak cuti laa :(