Friday, November 25, 2005

Money and Danial's Special Request

I have finally get over my "Mellow" Period. It took me a few days to get rid of this feeling,
not that I am totally over with, well at least for the time being "I can live with it, and I
just want to go with the flow". Come on, lets look at the bright side ? There are people who
are less fortunate than me, It is not the end of the world.

Maybe Not.

If only I dont have to pay for Waja Insurance + Road Tax this month. I have allocated money for it with assumption that &%^%^^&*&*. It just that this month is very, very tight. Sesak perut ni, bukan takat ikat perut je *long sigh*

After all kalau ada rezeki, insyaAllah ada (kena la extra doa ni) and based on my discussion
with boss no1 everything will be smooth flow again. Biasa la hiccups tu here and there kan,
kalau anak menteri ke or bapak aku punye company ke lain la kan, so I'm moving on now :)

Last night out of the blue while we were watching tv, danial request something from me :

Danial : Mummy, I want baby girl
Me : Errr, what ? (just to make sure I heard it correctly)
Danial : I want baby girl
Me : Uhhh *smiling* go ask your Baba

Well I am not going to elaborate on "The making of Baby Girl" hee hee but I like to share
something that I have notice lately. My motherly instinct tells me Danial wants a friend to
play with.

Based on my observation :
  • Danial is having more fun when play his thomas train set with his cousin (Dini), and lately
  • He just found out he has a friend (who is my mother's neighbour daughter) named Farzana. This little girl is so cute, with her big eyes, natural wavey hair and fair skin. For the past fewdays Danial play with Farzana on daily basis. In fact sometimes when they were both too exhausted they ended up having their afternoon sleep together. *Aduii parah betul le*

I decided to enrol him for Tumble Tots Programme. I have book an appointment for a free trial
session this Saturday afternoon. DH was 80% ok with the idea until the money part came out. I
told him the monthly charges is rm80++ for 4 classes. Each class last for 45 minutes. He commented rm20 for 45 minutes, mahalnye !!! Itu I belum bagitau die lagi yg rm80++ is actually around rm400 upon registration hee hee :P

Haiii saba jele, for the time being we just gonna let danial enjoy his free trial session. If
everything turn out ok, and Baba die cair most probably bule la enrol danial kut. After all he
is going to pay for it :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jom Keje Sini

2005 Best Employers in Malaysia

Hewitt Associates and its partners congratulated the Best Employers in Malaysia for 2005 at an Award Event in Malaysia on April 20, 2005. Results were published in The Edge on April 25, 2005.

The judges selected 10 Best Employers in Malaysia. The lists are presented in order of ranking:

Best Employers in Malaysia 2005

The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur
Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
SP Setia Bhd.
The Ascott Group Limited
Brunsfield Group of Companies
American Express (Malaysia)
Komag USA (Malaysia) Sdn.
Federal Express Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Congrats to sis Lollies and Gartblue. Jom kite semua keje kat company atas tu :P
The political environment at my workplace is driving me crazy. It demotivated me big time.
Sometimes I want to contribute my level best, but when this type of problem kan it makes u feel alaa buat apa la nak kerje rajin-rajin bukannya management nak recognised ke apa ke. Yela keje macam org giler, stayback sume apa salahnya appreciate la staff, jangan la buruk siku... isk sakit hati betul :(

Kalau ikutkan hati mmg nak berhenti keje je. But when I think long term commitment kena la saba, at least I have to stay here for a year, nasib baik la ada blog hee hee :)

Ada hikmah kut sebalik benda-benda camni :)
InsyaAllah mintak Allah makbulkan doa i, hari tu sakit skrg ni dah baik,
bulan ni sengkek next few months ada la duit balik :)


Monday, November 21, 2005


I feel guilty.
Maybe I deserved this.

Huh !!!
It is hard to make everybody around you happy especially when you dont have the power to take control over the situation. Your heart/instinct desperately want to make them happy but the truth is you failed and hurt them unnecessarily. Well maybe i deserve this, or tell me Guest? how do you overcome this situation if you were in my shoes.

The ironic part every weekend is either fully-booked attending hari raya open house or hosting one. Mind you, IT IS SCHOOL HOLIDAY WHICH MEANS WEDDING CEREMONIES SEASON. My god, and at this age (26) is the peak time when everybody decided to get married. It's like a circle and one by one of your friends tied the knot and start the wonderful marriage life.

Let me brief you my situation.
Last saturday I had 2 wedding invitations and 2 open house invitations. All the invitations start from noon until 4/5 pm.

One of the wedding is from my ex-skool mate Ms Azna. She is getting married to her boyfriend whom she has known for the past 7/8 years. Me and Ms Azna grew up in the same neighbourhood, we went to the same school and share the circle-friends. We keep in touch on and off but we still do see each other once in a while despite my err family schedules. Her wedding reception is at Dewan Guthrie, Bukit Jelutong.

The other wedding invitation is from my friend Ms Khadijah whom I known back in Loughborough, UK. Ms Khadijah is my senior and she graduated in 2001. She went back for good to Malaysia and I havent met her ever since. The only way we keep in touch via MSN Messenger and now we sms or call occasionally. She told me several times, and insist that I come to her reception. I told her I will come InsyaAllah. Her wedding reception is at UIA, Gombak.

When I received the third invitation for last saturday I told her I barely can make it for this one. She insist I still come and out of politeness I told her "I will talk to my husband and see if we can squeeze yours late evening". This lady is my office mate, I chat with her via (YM) almost everyday and we seem to get along very well. She desperately want a female friend (being the only programmer in her dept), me on the other hand, want a friend whom I can share my cyber-interest and mundane life. She lives in Klang.

Saturday came. And errrr it didnt turned out as I have expected. In fact I am feeling guilty until now and dont know what should I do to make it up.

We arrived at Dewan Guthrie, Bukit Jelutong around 2pm. I was surprised and excited to meet my old skoolmates again. We update on our life, gossips, take loads of picture and before I realised it is nearly 4pm. Uhhhh I panicked, I told my hubby and he told me we cant make it to the other kenduri/open house. I have to go see a doctor and she is only available from 3-5pm. In the end I attended only ONE kenduri kahwin and NONE open house invitation :(

I am a bad friend. *sigh*
I missed the opportunity to see Ms Khadijah in her wedding dress. I feel bad if she really has been waiting/expecting me. I still have her wedding present in my house untouched, and nicely wrap with a small congratulations card on it.

My office mate doesnt want to chat with me today.
I sms-ed her last weekend and she didn't reply. I know she really hope I could make it to her raya open house.

The problem is, I do want to go but DH is the one who make the decision. After all he is the one who is driving, he controls the journey as well as our plan for the day.
DH told me it is impossible for me to attend all the kenduri/open house.
Perhaps, I will make it if I dont have to go see the doctor ? Or perhaps it is better to come, although when the ceremony finished rather than didnt come at all. Like the saying "Better late than never" :(

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hari Raya Celebration 2005 in Subang Jaya

Baba nak duit raya ?? Danial nak beli choo-choo train thomas

Chelamat Hari Yaya, Mummy

Mari makan-makan time ni la nak makan sungguh-sungguh.FORGET ABOUT YOUR DIET, ada excuse hari ni first day raya.

Sesi makan lagi part 2, hmm ada laksa, nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang ayam, kuih raya, yum yum

Posing manja danial dengan ibu die hee hee :)

Yay, Let's go to nenek house, my office :)

Danial ngorat cousin die, Aqilah :)

Disheartened with Modblog

I was very surprised yesterday when modblog features returned back to normal after months I tolerate the orangy layout.
I have upload all the raya pictures celebrated in KL as well as in Penang and save it in my computer with hope to upload it for my next entry today.

Unfortunately each time when I try to open my modblog I got this

The connection was refused when attempting to contact