Friday, March 25, 2005


I have been very quiet recently. Well actually im busy playing around with my other blog. do some touch up, to make it more nicer. Ive also been thinking why do i need 2 blogs, for goodness sake, i havent make up my mind which blog i am going to get rid of, because they are different circle of friends involve in the modblog and blogspot...i have decided ill stick to the modblog one. It has a lot more features, you can play around twist here and there :) im sorry for the time being my latest blog entry would be at this address. Cya Later

Monday, March 21, 2005


Last weekends Ive had once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the F1. It was enjoybable and memorable experience indeed courtesy of my BiL who works for Petronas Motosport. We've been given 5 grandstand free tickets which include (me,dh,ad,my sil and her husband). DH was over the moon and very excited about the whole thing. I still remember, back in the UK when the F1 season started sometime in spring we would have to rescheduled our daily weekends rutines so that DH can watch the F1 race in peace. If worse come to worse and he really couldnt watch it live, he would make sure that he recorded it so that he can watched it later when we get home. So you could imagine how enthusiastic he was to see the F1 live. He was hoping to have a visit to pit stop and have a look closely and the teams car, engineers and u-know-to-have-a-feel about the F1 is a lifetime experience.

it was blasting hot that day. ad was very excited he didnt even want to have breakfast that morning. we have to walk around 1.5 km from parking lot to the grand stand area. fuhhhh you could imagine the sweat and exercises weve been through.

time to work. will update more later...nowadays no more time to blog :( workload increasing :P

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fancy a Chocolate Quiz Yum, Yum

Theres not much work to do today (meaning it is blogging time heee hee), one of my Bloggers friend recommended this quiz. So below is my results hee hee....i have to admit the 'mint cookie' results is not 100% true. Hee hee i wish i have the money to spend on my wardrobe, right now it is just not my priority...perhaps in a few months time...i can be the New Yorker with a twist of Chic-Modern-Islamic-Look :)

You scored 66.7%
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip lovers are loyal and dependable. You're probably a bit of a traditionalist and, therefore, may find it difficult to try new things. Family and friends are very important to you and you work hard to maintain connections among your loved ones. You have a small group of friends you've known forever and spend time with regularly, and you are the one everyone comes running to for advice. You relish your role as the nurturer and comforter, and your friends repay you by gently reminding you to take care of yourself -- along with everyone else!

You scored 22.2%
Sugar Cookie
If sugar cookies are your passion (the more butter, the better), you are a sensual and fun-loving person. You like to keep your options open and sometimes have trouble making up your mind. But once you make a decision, you stick with it: there's no dithering. You appreciate simple things but you insist on the highest quality always -- the best clothing, top quality sheets and towels, etc. You share your passion for good things with a small circle of close friends and, in fact, can be quite shy around new people. But those who spend the time to get to know you love what they discover -- a passionate, fun woman with a lot to offer.

You scored 11.1%
Mint Cookie
You are cool, sophisticated and full of energy. If you were a magazine, you'd be The New Yorker. Your closet is filled with chic clothes, you enjoy wine with meals, and you like to try interesting new cuisines, go to arty movies and spend time with friends talking about "important" things. You like your life to be exciting; you're anything but boring! Your sharp wit and joie de vivre are the things your friends and loved ones most admire about you.

You scored 0%
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
You are a natural woman. You enjoy spending time outdoors -- in the garden, hiking or just sitting under a tree with a good book. You crave the simple life. You believe that food is best when it's made from scratch, a philosophy that also carries over into the homemade gifts you like to give. You enjoy spending quiet time with the ones you love and prefer intimate gatherings of close friends to the frenetic party scene. Your friends and family admire your calm self-confidence and natural beauty.

You scored 0%
Ginger Cookie
Ginger cookie lovers are risk takers. You have a keen sense of adventure, whether that manifests as shooting white-water rapids or simply taking a turn in the road to see where it leads. You are curious, intelligent, funny and young at heart. You tend to like being the center of attention, and enjoy being surrounded by an admiring and willing audience. Good thing, too, because your fans are likely to stay by your side for a long time to come! Despite your entourage, you remain very independent minded. You and only you are in charge of your life, and you love it that way.

What Took You So Long

Alhamdullilah.....Alhamdullilah...I really dont know how to break this news... Hee Hee....I am the happiest woman alive in this world, Over the moon. Finally the news that I've long to hear, my DH has been offered a job in KL.

Yehaaaaaaaaaaaa, Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

I am overjoyed, speechless, blissful and most importantly gratified to Allah. Thank you for making my prayer came true. Ive been praying day and night for 6 months and finally it came true. Only He knows the sacrifices and the sorrow to lead your life without ur beloved DH.....

On the other hand, this situation has given us a new perspective to our relationship. Its true that ppls say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". Ive learn to be more understanding, appreciate and patience with DH. My long-term resolution is to be a better wife, InsyaAllah. Ive realised that sometimes when your love ones is around you, you tend to take he/she for granted. Although it is sometimes tiny little things, but it's actually those tiny slip up that counts..

I am more energetic, enthusiastic to move on with my life now. Thank you again to Allah, Alhamdullilah. I am so happy, i just cant help it to smile from ear to ear even in my sleep :)

Monday, March 14, 2005

When You Finally Found Someone

why would u do crazy things, things that make your whole body aching, super-duper exhausted like you've been running 100km non-stop, u dying to open ur eyes at work and wishing that u are sleeping soundly in ur bed for hours the whole day :) why because i am madly in love with my DH. It is crazy, it is stupid, but the companionship is worth it

The price to pay for travelling 5 hours journey is very, very tiring. For the past 6 months the North-South highway is just like federal, or ldp highway to us. Thanks to us the plus have collected hundreds $$$ just for the sake of our travelling expenses not to mention the fuel expenses, i am actually tired and sick of this situation, i wish that there would be an end to this, i am not getting stronger by day, although i can give 1001 reasons to gain back my energy, the truth is i just cant lie to myself
pls make my prayer come true
ill be the happiest woman alive in this world

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Gain Weight

ive been trying to gain weight for ages, on and off. i dont know why my metabolism is so high and it burn all the fats so damn quickly heee heee i envy those ppl who can wear size 12/14 because ive been wearing the same size all these years. i can still wear those clothes ive been wearing when i was 19/20, how terrible is that, pity me :(

i wake up this morning incredibly early, feeling motivated and inspired. one of the thing that inspired me is to GAIN WEIGHT.

First i have to eat as much as i can. I know this sound stupid but im not the sort of person who eat too much i think. ive been too clingy and needy because DH is not around these days hence affected my appetite. but ive just realised my situation is not that bad compared to single parents out there (especially single mummy), how do they cope with their life right ? so i think i can handle this, it is still beyond my control...i just have to be stronger each day and occupied myself with a lot of crazy stuff like blogging :P and it just kept me haunting

So this morning when i came to work, i brought a lot of food to make sure ill be eating on and off the whole day. I wish i could eat all of that food :P

Maybe from now on i stock up food in my place at office. Will not miss breakfast and lunch. no more branch these days and worry less

will update more.. time to work. seriously work.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

love is in the air

someone from UKs mailing list suggested writting a love letter to your hubby especially for those who live apart.

ive decided to take up that suggestion and wrote him one last night. It was not easy to compromise with AD on whos got the chance to play cbeebies or getting my job done. anyway after few negotiations with the clever-hyperactive 2 yrs old kid ive managed to sent one.

today at the office, been hinting at my hubby if he has checked his email. Unfortunately it is way after office hour now and still havent got any phone call or reply yet. Hmmmm....long i feeling sad/disheartened about it. yes and no.

to be honest, i dont blame him, i've known him too well, hes working hard and im sure whenever he get reward it is for our own good too. after all hes working hard for us right ?? hee hee...i dont know, im trying to comfort myself....on the other hand i miss our courting times, those love letters, such a splendid experience...

there is more to life than mushy stuff now. perhaps whats more important is understanding and honesty. maybe the timing is not right. hes on call 24X7 this week. perhaps i should try different approach or try again when hes not very tied up with his work.

missing DH :(


im glad i have my own blog, from now on whenever im feeling lonely/bored i can write something hehe hee...... will write more very so excited..