Friday, January 23, 2009

Wishlist Came True

It's good to be able to finally have what you *dream* to have it.
No matter how long it took for you to contemplate should you buy it or not ?
For us it took quite few months, maybe nearly a year.
No, I am not talking about designer handbags, new gadgets for myself. We dont lead a lavish lifestyle. I seriously do not want to inculcate this habit in my kids too. I want them to be happy not because of branded staff but because they are grateful they have a good life, a loving family, unconditional love/support from parents, and learn to be patient to get whatever they want .
I am a very low maintenance and my happiness is usually something that I can contribute to the family especially for the kids.

The feeling of having your wishlist came true is indescribable. I guess when you have to work reallllly hard for it, it worth even more to you. Unlike those lucky people who can easily get whatever they want, whenever they want it. After all each of us has our own rezeki. And Allah gave my rezeki in different way but I am always grateful for whatever things I have, alhamdullilah.

Yay, finally can strike off 2 things from my wishlist(s).
Moving on to work even harder to achieve others.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Twin and Little Heroes

Happy New Year. I think I want to close down my blog. Hmm sebabnya jarang sangat update blog ni. Twin is already 9 months old. The above picture is my Sofea. Ada 2 gigi kat bawah coming up 2 kat atas. very agresif, suara serak-serak and daddy's girl.

Oops, actually nak cerita pasal danial. My son is already in standard 1. rasa tua sikit :)

anyways it went well, he was quite nervous tangan sejuk kejung betul. so we read doa together at home and in the car. the headmaster cakap "parents yg datang lagi ramai compare to the kids " haahahaah lawak, lawak. i guess sume parents anxious to see their kids. sapa tidak kan ?

thank god danial goes to same school with his cousin. classmates lagi tu !!! best friends betul diaorang ni, 24 jam asyik cakap pasal games from spiderman, transformers, spiderman lagi, ben10 la naik pening dibuatnya. pegi kantin holding hands, balik sekola holding hands hee hee so in a way both of us (the parents) tak la risau sangat sebab ada kawan kan. the good thing even going to school is so much fun these days danial bangun sendiri je pagi tadi. motivation betul pegi sekola since same school with cousin ni.

i am planning to make a special keepsake for danial's first experience to school. i have just started my favor business. it is still slow so if you guys want personalised favors do contact me. for danial's first experience i will do a personalised newspaper called "little ones tribune". if you want to order one please email me at hee hee *sempat promote jap ni*

My resolution for this year 2009 is to be ORGANISE. PLAN, PLAN PLAN, AND ORGANISE LAGI. last year is my adjusting period with the twin. By now we pretty much dah ok so i seriously want to plan our life, activities, budget, everything. so many things to plan out banyak ni sume nye nak kena ikut SMART..hee hee i seriously hope it is achievable insyaAllah:)

This month my target is to organise the walk in wardrobe. The thing is i can easily plan ni sume but "to do it' is another thing. yela apa susah buat plan kan but to implement tu big issue because my twin ni 24 jam memerap la pening betul. pantang nampak mommy musti nak suruh dukung. ayah dia panggil the clingers. hahahaah :P

Sofea and Syafiqa during hari raya. Some facts on them :-

They very envy towards each other especially when mommy dukung sorang lagi sorang pun nangis :). Fight over the same toys. Tak senang duduk when everybody else is getting ready to go out and they are still at home. Have 2 teeth so far. Knows how to dance/wiggle. Love baby einstein series. Adores danial/adam. Love to eat adult's food. Addicted to playhouse disney. Learning to sit down. is very mobile these days. dah penah jatuh tangga. crawl pretty fast. and can meniti from one place to another. Going to be 10 months old this 19 jan :)