Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quickie Update

Aduhai sibuknya. MasyaAllah. konon konon nak update blog seminggu sekali i ended up blogging in my head. ok a quick one update on the kids first.

  • he has started going back to school since last week. dah cuti lama sangat tu so bile nak suruh pegi sekola balik he will come out with excuses, and i tell you my eldest ini cukup terer bagi excuses. lucky mummy and baba know danial trick very well so it didnt quite work with us but he can easily get away with his atuk/nenek.
  • he still has his chicken pox scars on his neck and body. nasib baik kat muka takde. for now i will sapu the vitamin e oil hopefully eventually it will goes off
  • danial loves his younger bro and sisters. whenever i buy things for him, he say he wants to buy one for adam too, he loves to tickle his twin sisters although he still hasn't recognise until today which one is sofea or syafiqa. usually he will adress them as "mummy the one wearing blue shirt is crying" heheh.. i have told him millions time already which one is sofea/syafiqa and how to differentiate his twin sisters cause syafiqa has birth mark but well i guess he just couldnt be bothered as long as he know, he has two babies and love to play with them both. sometimes danial would ask me"does syafiqa has lots of hair?" which i replied "no" and then when look at them he get confused again.


  • adam is the only one who is chicken-pox free
  • he is still learning how to talk, quite slow for his age but i guess ok la kut, boys mmg slow sikit. the other day his ayah taught him, "mee" and point to "mummy" as in to pronounce "m-u-m-m-y". after few tries adam got it. hee he yay so now he say "mummy" albeit in is his own style which pronounce "mee-mee" Hee, hee takpe la
    adam janji ada bunyi sikit sikit tu ok la, mummy happy enough :)
  • adam ni la yg paling lasak, hyperactive and kuat nangis too. he has 2/3 times purposely pijak his adik(s). kesian baby. twin pun satu mcm takut dengan adam ni sebab abg dia yg sorang ni ganas sangat :P

twin sisters

  • they are 4.5 months now. have recovered from chicken pox. Alhamdullilah.
  • so finally they are sleeping at night now. i have been sleep deprived for 4 months. every night for the past 4 month i sleep at 2/3 am (earliest) and if they decided to meragam i can only sleep at 5/6 am. In the morning I have to go to work. MasyaAllah, penat tu Allah jela yg tau. I have never experience this kind of severe sleep deprivation, it was soooo tiring i seek advice from my office mate who also has twin boys. but she is sooo lucky her boys sleep throughout the night even from confinement dayss !!! haii saba je aku. Anyways, I can start to sleep at night again now... hehe :)
  • they have started to recognise, mummy, baba, the big bros. tapi yg tak percaya tu dah pandai JEALOUS. hee hee tak sangka eh baby pandai jealous. usually their jelaousy is towards mummy eg: once i came back from work, if i dukung syafiqa, sofea tengooookk jee and they later she will cry. same goes if i breastfeed the sofea, nanti syafiqa pun nangis nak breastfeed jugak.
  • the most stressful time for me is at night. when both of them want to go to sleep lying down with mommy while breatfeeding. haiiyaa, it is even worse because the ayah is sleeeppyyy-head all the time, stress betul.

The good thing, mummy is back to slim melim mode. hee hee in fact i need to wear belts for my pre-pregnancy jeans. ada hikmah jugak la tak tido malam 4 bulan tu heheh :)
ok will update later byee. will upload latest picture of my kids in my FB :)