Monday, November 24, 2008

S-I-B-U-K Couple

I am back to working mom.
I have lots of stories to share but must record this one hence the reason i am updating my blog today :)
Will try to keep it simple and short to save my time.

here it goes, recently during my hubby's visit to a nearby dentist while waiting for him i read this interesting article by ust@zah siti norb@yah. it is about busy couple coping with crazy schedule and at the same time still keep up the romance/relationship. the formula is :-

I - *forgot this one, i think it is for INTIM

and so i told hubby we should do this.. we hardly have time for each other.
the last time we went out for dating was few months ago.
our life for the time being evolved around the kids, either danial, adam or the twin.
we rather concentrate on how the best way to cut down our expenses, maximise our savings/investment, preparation for danial's school, adam/twin development, working life, and other boring stuff.

After weeks of bugging my hubby finally we went out dating yesterday.
Wehooo, it was only for 3 hours but i really enjoyed it very much.
not to mention the unexpected comments from SA.

we went to this fragrance counter, as my hubby would like to buy a new perfume.
The SA asked us " Are you guys looking for perfume for hantaran ?"
I was like " Hantaran ? "
My hubby saje get along, cakap yes. "

The SA gave us a lot of ideas on how to decor the hantaran not to mention samples, and the perfume decorated nicely with ribbons, and they even ask us, when is your majlis ?

When i went to b0dy sh0p, the SA asked me again for hantaran ke ? and she wrap the yummy sr@wberry toiletries with ribbons and nice box. she even said kalau weekdays we have special box for you. hee hee :)

so after months of not dating and we still eligible for not-married-couple-lookalike.

and i wonder what would they say when they see us outing with two strollers, two diaper bags, screaming at the kids, rushing to get our errands done.

it is good to know we are still ahem *young couple* :P