Monday, November 24, 2008

S-I-B-U-K Couple

I am back to working mom.
I have lots of stories to share but must record this one hence the reason i am updating my blog today :)
Will try to keep it simple and short to save my time.

here it goes, recently during my hubby's visit to a nearby dentist while waiting for him i read this interesting article by ust@zah siti norb@yah. it is about busy couple coping with crazy schedule and at the same time still keep up the romance/relationship. the formula is :-

I - *forgot this one, i think it is for INTIM

and so i told hubby we should do this.. we hardly have time for each other.
the last time we went out for dating was few months ago.
our life for the time being evolved around the kids, either danial, adam or the twin.
we rather concentrate on how the best way to cut down our expenses, maximise our savings/investment, preparation for danial's school, adam/twin development, working life, and other boring stuff.

After weeks of bugging my hubby finally we went out dating yesterday.
Wehooo, it was only for 3 hours but i really enjoyed it very much.
not to mention the unexpected comments from SA.

we went to this fragrance counter, as my hubby would like to buy a new perfume.
The SA asked us " Are you guys looking for perfume for hantaran ?"
I was like " Hantaran ? "
My hubby saje get along, cakap yes. "

The SA gave us a lot of ideas on how to decor the hantaran not to mention samples, and the perfume decorated nicely with ribbons, and they even ask us, when is your majlis ?

When i went to b0dy sh0p, the SA asked me again for hantaran ke ? and she wrap the yummy sr@wberry toiletries with ribbons and nice box. she even said kalau weekdays we have special box for you. hee hee :)

so after months of not dating and we still eligible for not-married-couple-lookalike.

and i wonder what would they say when they see us outing with two strollers, two diaper bags, screaming at the kids, rushing to get our errands done.

it is good to know we are still ahem *young couple* :P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking from the positive side :)

The twin sisters are going to be 7 months old come this 19 oct.
sekejap je kan, we have survived the first 6 months, so i guess for the next few months it is workable, well i hope by next year when they reach 1 yr old, they are more independent so less hectic for us sikit. i have plan how to make it work :P

adam is 2 years old and danial going to be standard one next year.
apart from adam mischievous to test his sisters capabilities either strong or not by pijak his adik every now and then, suap his adik his lunch/breakfast when his adik approached him or play with them as if they are big enough/strong enough to play with him when they are just crawling and starting to communicate with each other.

recently during our annually neighbours get-together cum raya open house my neighbours told me that she is planning to go to HUKM to meet up this famous prof who can help her to conceive twin. She told me the fees is around 1.5k to 12k. "Cheap kan, "she said. i think it is using IVF treatment and banyak orang dah buat and it is guarantee you can get a twin, triplets or quadruplets..lagi banyak bayar lagi banyak la dapatnya :P

why am i sharing this ? well i told my mom and she said you should bersyukur banyak banyak you got it naturally or more likely by *accident* hahahhhahah because the third pregnancy is unplanned.

well i am bersyukur and i should bersyukur banyak-bannyak rather than whine eh,
a) my kids are healthy and they are our rezeki
b) that Allah makbul my doa for me to have a baby girl and He gave me two :)
c) i have a supportive hubby who try to help me as much as he can without complaining
d) my maid is helpful too although sometimes ada benda yg i kena pejam mata sebelah jela
e) my parents try to help us every now and then. they always say "kesian on us"
f) my inlaws do help us also when we our backup plans didnt work out as planned but since they live up north susah sikit la nak tolong tu
g) although i am working full time, my boss is very, very understanding. THANK GOD. i have fully utilized my annual leave, every now and then ada je benda "family matters" nasib baik la dia OK, as long as all the tasks/assignment pending is completed :) if i were to work in the old company jangan harap la, mesti dah lama kena brainwash dengan lady boss tu.

when people sees our family they always say "seronoknye" tapi my dad kata seronok tengok bukan seronok jaga :P

but you know it is definitely seronok to shop for the little girls. and i am not the only one yg have fun dressing them up. last raya the twin mak ngah bought this super cute custom made dresses just for the twin, terharu mummy :) yg sakit nya because everything is double expenses. but mommy always ended up shopping for 4...hee hee sebab rasa unfair pulak kalau asyik shopping for twin je.

so i am thankful and grateful for what i have now.
alhamdullilah :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally an update

Okay, so this time i do not know what excuse for the long silence.
i have new ideas on how to cut short my entry on each posting. instead of typing i am going to just post pictures. heee hee save time

sorry TIME is very luxury for me now.
if you read my FB status you might now that i am currently a temporary SAHM.
but do you think i can eat with peace, have long bath, stroll along the shopping malls with twin, oh how i wish that when i can barely eat in peace, sampai nak tercekik most of the time, usually i will eat while holding either sofea/syafiqa, cook while the other hand holding baby again, barely can sleep throughout the night what more nap time, and even to do what i wish to do when i become SAHM (although for temporary)...

sometimes i wonder am i the only mommy who is struggling juggling my twin and other kids, while other mom are doing well ? teruk sangat ke ni ? because someone i know who has twin boys seem not to have big deal with all those sleep-deprived issues, tiredness, and etc..hish i seriously hope i am not the only one who is struggling;

well the other reason why i do not want to write a long entry is because it will ended up as a LONG WHINING ENTRY, and i am sure *my readers, if i have any* would be bored to hear my WHINING story.

for now if i could see a genie i would ask her to grant my three wishes

a) fast forward the time so that twin and my other kids become 2/3 years old and hopefully things a lot easier for me..oh gosh it is so tough sometimes *rasa nak breakdown pun ada sometimes*, although i know i have to go through this i just hope well it will get easier and not so challenging for me *long sigh*

b) let me win the pr0t0n mpv naming contest. and we dont have to worry how to fit in all the four kids comfortably.

c) let me work from home, without having to worry how to pay my bills.

anybody kind enough to grant my 3 wishes ?
b whats happening during puasa and raya time
oh btw selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin from me and my family :)

Ada idea macam mana nak ambik gambar budak 4 orang ni in their happy mood everytime take picture ada je orang cranky hee hee saba je tak sporting model saya ni

Friday, September 05, 2008

Going to Wedding Reception with the Twin

About 2/3 months back I had a wedding invitation that I could not say NO too. Well The bride is my exschool-mate and we have known each other for about 17 years or, so no matter what I must attend this wedding. Although it means dragging along my four boisterious kids.

The other reason why I could not miss this reception is because I have missed the nikah reception. I was in my confinement period with twin. And so I told hubby no matter what, we have to attend this one by hook or by crook and it is seriously one hell of an experience.

Hubby asked me so how are we going to sort out the kids during the reception ?
The plan was mommy with twin and baba with the boys. Adam must wear his safety harness and if my school mate is around they can be our temporary babysitters so that we can eat if they are not around then errmmm no lunch for us then :)

We arrived pretty early, and to cut the story short my heels decided to "buat perangai" on that exact moment. Grrrrrrr so we have no choice but to make tour to the nearby shophouses to look for my "replacement heels". Saba jela aku, tension aku. And by that time the kids are crying, quarreling and started showing tantrums because they are hungry for LUNCH.

About 1 hour later we arrived at T@bung H@ji dewan again for the reception. The moment we arrived my friends went ooohhh and aaaa over the twin sisters and voluntarily to take care of them. How sweet !!!! We fed the boys and soon after that mommy and baba had lunch.

Come to think of it, it wasnt so bad our first experince going to kenduri with 4 kids. Although I foresee we will only go to kenduri when we know there are potentially temporary babysitters available. *haaahahahah*

Cepat la besar budak budak ni*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quickie Update

Aduhai sibuknya. MasyaAllah. konon konon nak update blog seminggu sekali i ended up blogging in my head. ok a quick one update on the kids first.

  • he has started going back to school since last week. dah cuti lama sangat tu so bile nak suruh pegi sekola balik he will come out with excuses, and i tell you my eldest ini cukup terer bagi excuses. lucky mummy and baba know danial trick very well so it didnt quite work with us but he can easily get away with his atuk/nenek.
  • he still has his chicken pox scars on his neck and body. nasib baik kat muka takde. for now i will sapu the vitamin e oil hopefully eventually it will goes off
  • danial loves his younger bro and sisters. whenever i buy things for him, he say he wants to buy one for adam too, he loves to tickle his twin sisters although he still hasn't recognise until today which one is sofea or syafiqa. usually he will adress them as "mummy the one wearing blue shirt is crying" heheh.. i have told him millions time already which one is sofea/syafiqa and how to differentiate his twin sisters cause syafiqa has birth mark but well i guess he just couldnt be bothered as long as he know, he has two babies and love to play with them both. sometimes danial would ask me"does syafiqa has lots of hair?" which i replied "no" and then when look at them he get confused again.


  • adam is the only one who is chicken-pox free
  • he is still learning how to talk, quite slow for his age but i guess ok la kut, boys mmg slow sikit. the other day his ayah taught him, "mee" and point to "mummy" as in to pronounce "m-u-m-m-y". after few tries adam got it. hee he yay so now he say "mummy" albeit in is his own style which pronounce "mee-mee" Hee, hee takpe la
    adam janji ada bunyi sikit sikit tu ok la, mummy happy enough :)
  • adam ni la yg paling lasak, hyperactive and kuat nangis too. he has 2/3 times purposely pijak his adik(s). kesian baby. twin pun satu mcm takut dengan adam ni sebab abg dia yg sorang ni ganas sangat :P

twin sisters

  • they are 4.5 months now. have recovered from chicken pox. Alhamdullilah.
  • so finally they are sleeping at night now. i have been sleep deprived for 4 months. every night for the past 4 month i sleep at 2/3 am (earliest) and if they decided to meragam i can only sleep at 5/6 am. In the morning I have to go to work. MasyaAllah, penat tu Allah jela yg tau. I have never experience this kind of severe sleep deprivation, it was soooo tiring i seek advice from my office mate who also has twin boys. but she is sooo lucky her boys sleep throughout the night even from confinement dayss !!! haii saba je aku. Anyways, I can start to sleep at night again now... hehe :)
  • they have started to recognise, mummy, baba, the big bros. tapi yg tak percaya tu dah pandai JEALOUS. hee hee tak sangka eh baby pandai jealous. usually their jelaousy is towards mummy eg: once i came back from work, if i dukung syafiqa, sofea tengooookk jee and they later she will cry. same goes if i breastfeed the sofea, nanti syafiqa pun nangis nak breastfeed jugak.
  • the most stressful time for me is at night. when both of them want to go to sleep lying down with mommy while breatfeeding. haiiyaa, it is even worse because the ayah is sleeeppyyy-head all the time, stress betul.

The good thing, mummy is back to slim melim mode. hee hee in fact i need to wear belts for my pre-pregnancy jeans. ada hikmah jugak la tak tido malam 4 bulan tu heheh :)
ok will update later byee. will upload latest picture of my kids in my FB :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Danial

Today is my son's birthday. Danial is my firstborn son. I still remembered the day I gave birth to him, 6 years ago. I thought I was ready physically and mentally. Boy, I was wrong as I seriously do not know what to expect being a first timer mother and parent. But having him is the greatest give of all. I am still learning the parenting skills.

Three days ago, danial complaint his chest hurt. I took him to see a doctor and the doctor told me there is nothing wrong. The next day after I came back from work I noticed measles coming out from his body, later when we took him to the clinic doctor confirmed that he has chicken pox. Poor him.

Hes been very good despite being sick. He is a very good boy. He doesn't complaint at all. He only cries every now and then, telling me that it is hurt having the chicken pox and also when his temperature is too hot making him difficult to breath. He asked me why did he get the chicken pox and how did he get it ?

It is really sad to see your son sick and knowing the fact you can't do much about it. It breaks my heart to see him cries ( which I ended up crying with him as well) I pray that Allah will answer my prayer so that danial will get well soon.

Happy Birthday Danial. Please get well soon. We will go somewhere special once you are healthy again kay sayang. Mommy love you very much danial.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dressing Up The Twin Sisters

I think I should open a new blog and write about twin there. Or perhaps I can use my blogspot to write about the twin sisters. Anyway I came across this website from my neighbour's link. I absolutely love the embroidery and super-cool-custom-made tops/dress. [I]hee hee biasa la kan baru dapat girls so super excited la bab dressing up ni. [/I] And so I ordered two tops for my little twin. Much to my surprised the tops are ready. Wehooo :) Would you like to have a peek at the twin tops :)

Cute tak ?
Told my hubby and he said, "Mummy over-excited" hahahah can't help it actually.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Little Princess are Two Months Old

It has been ages since I last updated this blog. My new mission, is to update this blog regularly. I plan to share mostly about my kids. Two months ago, I safely delivered a twin girl.
Sometimes when I held them in my arms, I still couldn't believe it that I have twin girl and mommy to 4 lovely kids now. Well Allah gives rezeki in his own special way and I am truly blessed and grateful for what we have now :) Want to see their picture ?

On the left is Sofea and on the right is Syafiqa. Maybe they look identical to you, but in real they are non-indentical.

Close up of my Twin1 : Sofea

Close up of my Twin2 : Syafiqa

What I have learnt for the past two months :-

a) More organised, and a better MULTITASKER - (read) handling the twin when they decide to cry at the same time, breastfeeding football style. I learnt to eat in a very quick way (usually 5-10 minutes I have finish my meal), having dinner while breastfeeding the babies, teach danial homework/art while breastfeed, putting adam to sleep while breastfeed baby and the list goes on.

b) CONCEALER is my "new best friend" these days. It is miracle if I could sleep 8 hours straight, which I never had to since 2 months ago. These days I sleep around 4/5 hours max.

c) Ever since become mommy of 4 - I try to give my one-to-one attention to all my kids as best as I could. But it is tough, considering my second hero is still small and I guess he is/was having a tough time to accept the fact that he has two lil sisters. hee hee :) So what I do is, whenever the babies sleep, I maximise spend time with the lil bros and vice versa. Although at this point of time I think the time spend with babies are quite alot compared to spend time with the lil bros. Breastfeeding is time consuming especially when you have two babies !

d) Nowadays I dont really have ME time. I long to read a book or having a quiet ME time. For now our house is like a nursery and the only time it is quiet is when all 4 of them are asleep.

e) I never care the existence of MPV until now. In fact I've been reading motor trader forum about MPVs, and one of our favourite topic these days is MPV. Hahahahah

The thing is Spacious car + Happy kids = Happy parents.

Unlike now

Cramped car + Kids arguing all the time = Mommy ends up having migraine.

f) It is not a good idea to have lunch/dinner with 4 kids at the restaurant. Well you never know until you try it don't you. It wasnt so bad, despite the fact that Sofea decided to vomit on the floor after i Burped her, Adam quarrel with Danial over the free balloon from MacD, Adam purposely make music with the utensils to get attention when Daddy is occupied with food, Adam scream out loud since Danial do not want to share his balloon, and the babies decided to cry at the same time too. But we survived and I laughed at my husband since he looked so stress up after our lunch. I told him, hey it wasnt that bad, at least we still can finish our meal isn't it ?

Will share more of my experience in my next entry. Take care. :)