Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picture of Twin Princess

I'm really busy with ...
a) work,
b) the entrepreneur side of me is working hard on our first baby, will announce soon the soft launch, support tau ;)
c) kids
Latest picture of twin princess..
who can guess which one is sofea or syafiqa
clue :
syafiqa is slightly smaller

hee hee even mommy pun susah sket nak differentiate in pictures so sapa guess right ni kira terror

faq orang selalu tanya
a) kembar ke ?
b) sometimes they ask yg mana kembar the girls or the abang ?
c) sama la muka, yg mana satu kakak ni ?
d) yg mana keluar dulu ?
f) jantan ka ? (tensen je mommy bile dah penat dress up girly girly)