Friday, September 05, 2008

Going to Wedding Reception with the Twin

About 2/3 months back I had a wedding invitation that I could not say NO too. Well The bride is my exschool-mate and we have known each other for about 17 years or, so no matter what I must attend this wedding. Although it means dragging along my four boisterious kids.

The other reason why I could not miss this reception is because I have missed the nikah reception. I was in my confinement period with twin. And so I told hubby no matter what, we have to attend this one by hook or by crook and it is seriously one hell of an experience.

Hubby asked me so how are we going to sort out the kids during the reception ?
The plan was mommy with twin and baba with the boys. Adam must wear his safety harness and if my school mate is around they can be our temporary babysitters so that we can eat if they are not around then errmmm no lunch for us then :)

We arrived pretty early, and to cut the story short my heels decided to "buat perangai" on that exact moment. Grrrrrrr so we have no choice but to make tour to the nearby shophouses to look for my "replacement heels". Saba jela aku, tension aku. And by that time the kids are crying, quarreling and started showing tantrums because they are hungry for LUNCH.

About 1 hour later we arrived at T@bung H@ji dewan again for the reception. The moment we arrived my friends went ooohhh and aaaa over the twin sisters and voluntarily to take care of them. How sweet !!!! We fed the boys and soon after that mommy and baba had lunch.

Come to think of it, it wasnt so bad our first experince going to kenduri with 4 kids. Although I foresee we will only go to kenduri when we know there are potentially temporary babysitters available. *haaahahahah*

Cepat la besar budak budak ni*