Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking from the positive side :)

The twin sisters are going to be 7 months old come this 19 oct.
sekejap je kan, we have survived the first 6 months, so i guess for the next few months it is workable, well i hope by next year when they reach 1 yr old, they are more independent so less hectic for us sikit. i have plan how to make it work :P

adam is 2 years old and danial going to be standard one next year.
apart from adam mischievous to test his sisters capabilities either strong or not by pijak his adik every now and then, suap his adik his lunch/breakfast when his adik approached him or play with them as if they are big enough/strong enough to play with him when they are just crawling and starting to communicate with each other.

recently during our annually neighbours get-together cum raya open house my neighbours told me that she is planning to go to HUKM to meet up this famous prof who can help her to conceive twin. She told me the fees is around 1.5k to 12k. "Cheap kan, "she said. i think it is using IVF treatment and banyak orang dah buat and it is guarantee you can get a twin, triplets or quadruplets..lagi banyak bayar lagi banyak la dapatnya :P

why am i sharing this ? well i told my mom and she said you should bersyukur banyak banyak you got it naturally or more likely by *accident* hahahhhahah because the third pregnancy is unplanned.

well i am bersyukur and i should bersyukur banyak-bannyak rather than whine eh,
a) my kids are healthy and they are our rezeki
b) that Allah makbul my doa for me to have a baby girl and He gave me two :)
c) i have a supportive hubby who try to help me as much as he can without complaining
d) my maid is helpful too although sometimes ada benda yg i kena pejam mata sebelah jela
e) my parents try to help us every now and then. they always say "kesian on us"
f) my inlaws do help us also when we our backup plans didnt work out as planned but since they live up north susah sikit la nak tolong tu
g) although i am working full time, my boss is very, very understanding. THANK GOD. i have fully utilized my annual leave, every now and then ada je benda "family matters" nasib baik la dia OK, as long as all the tasks/assignment pending is completed :) if i were to work in the old company jangan harap la, mesti dah lama kena brainwash dengan lady boss tu.

when people sees our family they always say "seronoknye" tapi my dad kata seronok tengok bukan seronok jaga :P

but you know it is definitely seronok to shop for the little girls. and i am not the only one yg have fun dressing them up. last raya the twin mak ngah bought this super cute custom made dresses just for the twin, terharu mummy :) yg sakit nya because everything is double expenses. but mommy always ended up shopping for 4...hee hee sebab rasa unfair pulak kalau asyik shopping for twin je.

so i am thankful and grateful for what i have now.
alhamdullilah :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally an update

Okay, so this time i do not know what excuse for the long silence.
i have new ideas on how to cut short my entry on each posting. instead of typing i am going to just post pictures. heee hee save time

sorry TIME is very luxury for me now.
if you read my FB status you might now that i am currently a temporary SAHM.
but do you think i can eat with peace, have long bath, stroll along the shopping malls with twin, oh how i wish that when i can barely eat in peace, sampai nak tercekik most of the time, usually i will eat while holding either sofea/syafiqa, cook while the other hand holding baby again, barely can sleep throughout the night what more nap time, and even to do what i wish to do when i become SAHM (although for temporary)...

sometimes i wonder am i the only mommy who is struggling juggling my twin and other kids, while other mom are doing well ? teruk sangat ke ni ? because someone i know who has twin boys seem not to have big deal with all those sleep-deprived issues, tiredness, and etc..hish i seriously hope i am not the only one who is struggling;

well the other reason why i do not want to write a long entry is because it will ended up as a LONG WHINING ENTRY, and i am sure *my readers, if i have any* would be bored to hear my WHINING story.

for now if i could see a genie i would ask her to grant my three wishes

a) fast forward the time so that twin and my other kids become 2/3 years old and hopefully things a lot easier for me..oh gosh it is so tough sometimes *rasa nak breakdown pun ada sometimes*, although i know i have to go through this i just hope well it will get easier and not so challenging for me *long sigh*

b) let me win the pr0t0n mpv naming contest. and we dont have to worry how to fit in all the four kids comfortably.

c) let me work from home, without having to worry how to pay my bills.

anybody kind enough to grant my 3 wishes ?
b whats happening during puasa and raya time
oh btw selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin from me and my family :)

Ada idea macam mana nak ambik gambar budak 4 orang ni in their happy mood everytime take picture ada je orang cranky hee hee saba je tak sporting model saya ni