Sunday, May 24, 2009

My New Baby

Helo Guys,
It's been a while I haven't updated my blog.
what's new isn't it :P well u know it is not easy to be a mommy of 4, blogging is consider a luxury for me these days :P

anyway guys i want to share something with you.
It is about my new baby...well no, no i am not expecting; not in the near future i hope (kalau bule nak close shop hee hee)

it is about my little adventure in the entrepreneur side in online business
i am doing it with my dear friend and it is called "sweet expression"
We want to produce sweet, cute and at the same time personalised products that close to our hearts, therefore we call it "sweet expression"

i am asking a favor from you guys...we are having some sort of mini contest where you would need to link us back..meaning link us in your blogs, website, anywhere as long as we are linked to your site :)

we will be monitoring our traffic on daily basis, and in return the highest referrers will received a complimentary gift from us. it doesnt cost a bomb, but we can guarantee you that it is unique, fully personalized and best of all FOC. you only give us your picture, message and pay the postage and we will do the rest for you.

Which products will be given away ? As for now photo card, fridge magnet and bookmark.

so what are you waiting for guys, link us up now :P
copy and paste the code below

and you are in the running to win a personalized products complimentary from sweet xpression
Thank You for Supporting Us :)