Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picture of Twin Princess

I'm really busy with ...
a) work,
b) the entrepreneur side of me is working hard on our first baby, will announce soon the soft launch, support tau ;)
c) kids
Latest picture of twin princess..
who can guess which one is sofea or syafiqa
clue :
syafiqa is slightly smaller

hee hee even mommy pun susah sket nak differentiate in pictures so sapa guess right ni kira terror

faq orang selalu tanya
a) kembar ke ?
b) sometimes they ask yg mana kembar the girls or the abang ?
c) sama la muka, yg mana satu kakak ni ?
d) yg mana keluar dulu ?
f) jantan ka ? (tensen je mommy bile dah penat dress up girly girly)


famyGirl said...

eiiii geramnyaaaa! :) bila tgk muka princess dua org ni, sure lupa terus how difficult it was for you to carry them inside you for 9 months... makes it all worth it, kan?

mama pasha said...

cantiknya princess twin ni... bila la auntie boleh jumpa lagi.. :D

butterflutter said...

Mmg susah nak beza. Sofea yg pipi montel ya. Kena colour coded, sorang pakai dark blue sorang lagi light blue :-)

zan said...

yg paling last is syafiqa heheh..

alahai comeinyaaa dua2 nie.

mummy tentu tersangat busy kan..aisehh..semua org dah jumpa anak2 u..i nie bila lagi yer?

Gartblue said...


wowweee ... these are two gorgeous looking babes on the planet! famy's right .. those hard months were all worth it.

i have no clue which's which though. you know that's why my mom dressed in blues and gartred's in red. senang kot. they really are cute and ikut muka ayah kot?

Lana said...

cutenya... seiras habis. i'd give them color coding gak if they're mine. but then again, mak mestilah kenal anak dia kan?

mosh said...

at this tender age, in photographs some more, it is definitely difficult to tell them apart. dah besau sikit senang la sikit kot.

cute princesses they are. how la people can say they are boys.

Lazydaisy said...

famygirl : hmm im afraid part pregnancy im a bit phobia these days..i had an easy pregnancy but beratt and back ache tu make mommy decide to close shop insyaAllah..but nevertheless mmg worth it :)

mama pasha : birthday pasha nanti insyaAllah bule jumpa hari tu kan dah jumpa masa diaorang 4 days old :P

butterflutter : betul sofea chubby sikit... terer you :) tapi in real my two babies in kecik molek je ikuutt mommy kut

zan : betul aunty zan guess.. :) terror aunty. mommy super busy mmg langsung tak sempat nak blog.

gartblue : dulu ur mom differentiate colour coded eh, hehe i so far ni banyak beli baju samaa je..hmm tah maybe sebab i think they all lain kut to me mmg senang je nak differentiate :P

lana : yes mommy kenal..tapi sometimes ada silap jugak hehe the ayah selalu confuse

mosh : yeke ? hehe nanti tengok pegi gathering auncle mosh bule tau tak yg mana eh...hmm sebab kalau pegi jalan i pakai twin stroller tapi syafiqa tak nak duduk so we all bubuh adam and then ada orang tanya eh twin yg mana ?