Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm back

My twin princess are turning 1 tomorrow
Big day for them :)
Time flies so fast, I can still remember vividly the moment we were told that we are going to have twin by our gynae.
Will write more tomorow, my journey with twin for the past 1 year :)


OO said...


dah one year!!!!!!! OMGGGGGG!!!!!!! time surely flies! Dah jalan ke your twins???

mama pasha said...

yay..met ultah adik2 pasha yg cantik2... nak gambar tau nisa.. rindu laaa bilah boleh gathering ramai2 lagi niiihh??

mosh said...

Time flies especially for the ones not having to raise a twin :). Double Happiness for the Twin!!!

zan said...

Happy Birthday to your daughters :)

postlaa gambar, gambar pun jadi laaa...we know u're super duper busy :))