Friday, July 03, 2009

Busy Bee

Tak sempat nak capture moments of

a) my twin princesses first baby step, now they can run already
b) danial's first year progress as standard one
c) adam's first discovery as big brother and his "crave for attention" is driving mommy crazy
d) danial's doa to his sisters and brother
e) mommy's experience from ESQ training
f) mommy's business journey
g) our first experience cuti-cuti malaysia as family of 6

dan banyak lagiiiii..


mosh said...

fit to be called cuti-cuti ke that (g)? macam lagi penat je rasanya ehehe.

zan said...

take it easy yar...we still remember you :) jgn risau!

ery kumagai said...

dear, nak link xchange tak?
u copy & paste my banner code, then u gimme yours. can?

Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

Gambar korang dalam ipod aku.X caye ? klik sini skrg